Selecting the right cooling system can be a difficult task, which is why Cosmotec helps you with three softwares for selecting air conditioning and refrigeration systems

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What is the purpose of Cosmotec software?

Correct cooling and refrigeration of industrial plants are vital for the operation of companies, as is the ability to remotely monitor that all processes are running smoothly. In order to be at your side at all times, from planning to monitoring, we have developedthree softwares, which we make available to you free of charge.

Which one to choose?

Below you will find a brief description of our three climate control and monitoring softwares, select the one you are interested in according to your needs and you will find the full page with the features and how to use each one. If you have any specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Choose the software that best suits your needs

Web Select

Web Select

Cosmotec offers you Web Select, a web-based software that, on the basis of your cooling needs, will propose the most suitable air conditioning solutions for your application.


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