Specialists in critical applications cooling

At your side to ensure the perfect functioning of your air conditioning and refrigeration systems

The knowledge we have acquired developing industrial air conditioning and refrigeration systems, allows us to offer our customers a complete service, from the design of the systems to the supply of the machines, from the Start Up phase to the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

The level of complexity and precision required in today’s production processes require a high level of control and reliability. The management of temperatures and heat disposal is one of the critical issues to be addressed, considering the uniqueness of each process and application.

We are at your side in every phase, from design to installation, from Start Up to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

Our technical assistance is also able to guarantee a remote assistance service: Cosmotec, always attentive to the needs of its customers, has developed and launched on the market a range of technologically advanced controllers that guarantee connectivity wherever you are. And thanks to connectivity, our support team can be at your side in real time, wherever you are, and give you advice and suggestions on how to improve performance, solve any problems and check the operation of your units.

Superior Service

We work with precision to ensure the right operation of your machines, to guarantee minimum downtime

High standards

Always ready to guarantee fast solution of the problems of your units

Team of professionals

Our highly qualified staff is trained and certified to intervene on conditioning and refrigertaion systems

Complete solutions

We are with you from planning, identifying the components to build the most suitable system, up to planned maintenance



Our goal is to offer to our customers systems built for their needs, that reduce energy consumption and maximize the investment.

With Cosmotec Service, the value of your purchase is kept high and its performance perfect and safe for the duration of its use.

To meet your needs in the most flexible and complete way possible, we offer you an extensive catalog of individual services as well as complete service packages: discover the details of our offer!

Advice and Planning

Cosmotec is by your side from the design phase to installation and start-up of the system, ensuring a continuous follow-up, for optimal system operation. Thanks to our office dedicated to the design and development of any type of system, we are able to meet the most diverse needs, accompanying the customer from the choice of units to the realization of the project.

Positioning and installation

The installation phase is a decisive moment and must be carried out scrupulously and professionally. Our goal is to ensure the correct operation of the equipment and related systems, but above all the use of the same at the highest levels of performance.
Each turnkey supply provides for the coordination of a Project Manager, who manages all phases, from the project to commissioning.


The specialized technicians of the Service department have an in-depth knowledge of the entire process of construction of the systems and equipment; thus guaranteeing a perfect start-up of the entire system, with customized solutions that meet the needs of the customer.

Maintenance and Service

A correct preventive and ordinary maintenance plan ensures constant plant efficiency. Our Service department is able to propose the most effective maintenance plan based on the type of system and units used.

We also provide our customers with a qualified service, able to make a quick diagnosis and ensure a fast resolution.
The experience and the preparation of our technicians allow us to intervene quickly to bring the plant and units back to full operation.
Our technical assistance staff is always close to the customer for every after-sales need, providing the following activities:

  • analysis dedicated to the restoration of the plant
  • analysis dedicated to reconditioning
  • system update
  • supply of original components

Thanks to a group of 50 trained and specialized technicians, located throughout the national territory, we are able to offer availability services in the following ways:

  • NBD (Next Business Day)
  • Availability services 24/7, 365 days a year

Program of high quality training courses and technical content, always in line with the evolution of products and systems and with the needs of the customer.
The training courses can take place at our headquarters, at the customer’s facility or directly at the plant.

Spare parts

During its life, reliability and consistency of the performances of chillers depend a lot from the maintenance and spare parts.

For that reason having always original spare parts will help your unit to constantly keep its level.

Only sourcing the components at Stulz SpA will ensure you a 100% conformity with our technical specifications.

On the other side, allowing a dedicated spare part package always available at your customer’s side will definitely reduce the risk for an unexpected stop of the unit and therefore of the process.

Remote assistance

Remote assistance

The assistance you need, when you need it

Remote Assistance Service

When speaking about competitiveness, one of the fundamental parameters used to measure it is production efficiency, but often malfunctions and plant breakdowns cause unplanned downtime. These are very delicate moments for an organisation.
Unplanned downtime, generally due to sudden breakdowns or malfunctions, software or hardware errors or unsatisfactory performance, leads to incurring in unforeseen costs, sometimes quite significant ones.
It is therefore of the utmost importance for all companies to limit these events as far as possible. In these cases, the intervention of a technician must take place as quickly as possible to limit the consequences.

Production downtime is not an option – The assistance you need, when you need it

The remote assistance allows to drastically cut down the intervention time, because it considerably shortens the time that passes from the customer’s report to the actual resolution of the problem. As a result, the downtime is considerably shorter than it would be with the “physical” intervention of the operator and brings with it considerable savings in intervention and maintenance costs.

Direct phone contact with our Service

Prompt identification of the malfunction with the use of Smart Glasses

Fast problem resolution, without the need for a transfer

Far away and yet united – Physical distances are no longer a constraint

Through the remote assistance service it is possible to provide support to customers in real time and in maximum security,  wherever they are.
Our technicians are able to provide specialised remote assistance, guiding the customer through the process of identifying the cause of the problem, finding the solution and restoring the operation of the system.

• Quick problem identification
• Secure recognition of the components to be replaced
• Chat (with simultaneous translation) during the troubleshooting activity, for more immediate understanding
• Possibility to record video/photos of activities/controls performed, for future needs

Remote assistance allows the customer to avoid downtime and travel costs for technical staff.

Our remote Assistance Offers



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Assistance and return

Assistance and return

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