Wall-mounted industrial air/air heat exchanger

Flexible Installation

Thanks to their compact dimensions, XVA air/air heat exchangers can be installed in all electrical cabinets, even in applications where limited space is required in terms of width and depth. The industrial heat exchangers can be installed externally, but also internally, so as to eliminate any external clutter in the electrical cabinet.


Efficiency and Noise Reduction

XVA heat exchangers can be integrated with a mechanical thermostat to control the external fan. When the set point is reached, the fan is switched off, thus obtaining advantages in terms of efficiency (lower power consumption) and noise (no operation).




Main Features

  • Compact dimensions
  • Specific cooling capacity: 9 to 47 W/F
  • Installation: internal or external
  • Power supply: 230V and 115V
  • Protection Degree: IP54 or IP55 depending on model / Type12

Due to its characteristics, the use of XVA is particularly suitable in the following applications:

Measuring & Control Tools

Measuring & Control Tools

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