Industrial air conditioners for mounting on the roof of electrical cabinets

Rooftop air conditioner

Industrial roof-mounted air conditioners allow the cooling of electrical cabinets even in situations where space is at a premium, such as in cabinet batteries or when escape routes must be left clear for safety reasons.

Effective Condensate Management

The solutions on the models allow optimal condensate management. The return air path ensures that no condensation forms on the roof of the cabinet and, in addition, from model ETE14 (4777 BTU/h), the units are equipped with a condensate sink, without absorption of electrical power, for the reduction or elimination of condensation. For the models ETE06/09 there is a level switch to control the condensate in the condensate tray of the air conditioner.

Optimized air flows

Thanks to the high distance between the intake and the supply of internal air, it is possible to avoid short circuits of cold air, without the need to install conveyors and guaranteeing reliable operation. In addition, starting from the ETE14 model, thanks to the management of the room air flow, it is possible to install air conditioners adjacent to each other, optimising installation layouts.

Certifications: ready for worldwide export

CE, EAC, UL Listed.


Main Features

  • Cooling capacity: the range offers a wide range from 1023 BTU/h to 17743 BTU/h
  • Power supply: 230V and 400/460V
  • Electronic thermostat (available from ETE06)
  • Condensate dissipator (available from ETE14)
  • Protection Degree: IP54

Due to its characteristics, the use of TOP II is particularly suitable in the following applications:

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Electrical Network



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