Industrial air conditioners for electrical panels

How and why to choose an air conditioning system for the electrical panel

Why cool an electrical panel?

The cooling of electrical panels or cabinets is essential in any application to ensure the proper functioning of internal components and production processes, preventing and avoiding production and/or distribution downtime.

Cosmotec products offer protection against:

  • the formation of high temperature and high humidity and consequently overheating and condensation
  • the infiltration of dust and/or sand, corrosive agents, etc.

to prevent component wear, derating and failure, thus ensuring reliability, safety and efficiency.

Main factors influencing the choice of air conditioning type

The choice of air conditioning solution is mainly determined by the following factors:

  • application:Indoor, cabinet positioned inside a building, or Outdoor, cabinet positioned in an outdoor environment
  • air quality: presence of humidity, dust, oils…
  • reference temperatures: internal (Ti) and external (Te)and the ratio between them (Ti>Te, Ti<Te)
  • presence of chilled water

Industrial air conditioners for electrical panels

Air conditioners for electrical cabinets exploit the principle of a refrigerated circuit using R134a (HFC) refrigerant gas, guarantee precise temperature control and offer simple installation on the electrical panel. Air conditioners are mainly recommended if:

  • the outside air has a higher temperature value than the inside air
  • the ambient air is extremely oily or dusty
  • outside air and humidity must not enter the electrical cabinet
  • no hydraulic circuit is to be provided

Choose the product that best suits your needs!


For air conditioning of electrical panels in Indoor and Outdoor applications

Condizionatori industriali inverter FlexIn


Inverter air conditioners for electrical panels

Codizionatori compatti per quadri elettrici Compact Protherm

Compact Protherm

Compact air conditioners for electrical panels in Indoor and Outdoor applications.

Web Select


For the conditioning of electrical panels where space is at a premium.

Condizionatori industriali da tetto per quadri elettrici TOP II


For the conditioning of electrical panels where roof mounting is required.

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