KryosRoof TSF/TSV

Roof mounted fans for electrical panels

New design, more flexibility

KryosRoof roof mounted fans are the ideal industrial ventilation solution for extracting warm air from the roof. Their compact dimensions allow them to be installed on various types of electrical panels, while the layout and fans ensure high flow rates and operating efficiency.
The TSF/TSV feature a new design, compact dimensions and the flexibility properties typical of Cosmotec products.

Performance and Efficiency

The radial fans on KryosROOF provide high flow rates and heads to ensure the correct airflow within the cabinet. In addition, there is a high efficiency version with EC fans and an active control probe, supplied as standard, which adjusts the fan speed to reduce electricity consumption and ensure optimum air flow according to the temperatures in the electrical panel. Electrical consumption can already be reduced by 20/30% at maximum operating conditions.

Certifications: ready for worldwide export

CE, EAC, UL Listed


Main Features

  • Sizes: 19, 22, 25, 35
  • Air flow rate: 294 cfm to 1100 cfm
  • Power supply: 230Vac and 115Vac
  • Temperature range:
    o TSF = -40 … +140 °F
    o TSV = -13 … +131 °F
  • Protection Degree: IP43 or IP54 / Type1 or Type12

Due to its characteristics, the use of KryosRoof is particularly suitable in the following applications:



Measuring & Control Tools

Measuring & Control Tools

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