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Founded in 1989, Cosmotec in 2001 joined the STULZ GmbH group with head offices in Hamburg. In 2004 Cosmotec SpA changed its name to Stulz SpA.

STULZ SpA immediately emerged as a major force in the air conditioning and refrigeration production field for the industrial and ICT market.
Innovation, flexibility and respect for the environment are the STULZ quality factors behind ISO9001 certification.

The main selling points of the company are its range of custom solutions, impressive stock levels and prompt, precise service.

Cosmotec Industrial Cooling – North America is a division of STULZ Air Technology Systems, Inc. and located in Frederick, MD.  As part of the STULZ global family we bring expertise in engineering and customer service, provide a local stock of products, along with a nationwide service group that is there when you need it.

Cosmotec North America is dedicated to delivering high quality products with unmatched customer service to the industrial marketplace.

Quality, Environment and Safety

The Integrated Quality, Environment, and Safety System reaches the goal to ensure the achievement of the highest levels of quality, reliability, economic competitiveness of the product, with the maximum respect for the Environment, Health and Safety of workers and customers.

All the activities related to the Integrated System are aimed to the Continuous Improvement of the Quality, Environment and safety standards, with the cooperation of every company resource, suppliers and customers.

The Integrated Quality, Environment, and Safety System include the ISO14001 (Environmental Management System) and ISO50001 (Energy Management System) certifications.

Obtaining the ISO 14001 certification is a guarantee of a business model based on sustainability and the reduction of the environmental impact of products and the entire production process, to provide customers with a service that matches up the current environmental standards. All the activities that may affect the environment are evaluated and monitored in compliance with the regulations in force.

Furthermore, STULZ S.p.A is one of the few companies in our field to have also achieved ISO 50001 Certification. The Energy Management System is aimed at the improvement in energy performance, resulting in several benefits: reduction in energy consumption and related costs, reduction of CO2 emissions and improvement of energy performance. The attainment of ISO50001 certification is a guarantee for the customer that our products are designed with the purpose to reduce consumption while maintaining a high level of performance.The Energy MAnagement System is the most suitable tool to manage the issues related to the control of energy consumption.


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