Energy Storage

Industrial conditioning systems for batteries and energy storage systems


A system for a sustinable future

Energy storage is a system for storing energy, making it available when it is needed. Storage systems can be mechanical (e.g. flywheel, water pumping) or chemical (e.g. hydrogen), but the most widely used is certainly the electrochemical storage system, commonly called a ‘battery’.

Batteries must operate within certain temperature limits and in a non-contaminated environment to function properly. If these operating conditions are not met, the battery will progressively deteriorate and may even malfunction, with the risk of fire.

Main areas

The application areas for energy storage using batteries are:

  • electrical consumer appliances
  • electric mobility
  • grid support and isolated systems
  • Smart grid and micro grid


What needs to be cooled?

The batteries are housed in cabinets and need to be conditioned to operate at temperatures in the 77°F range. Higher temperatures should should be avoided, as it leads to a significant reduction in efficiency and inevitable ageing of the device, with a considerable shortening of service life. In addition, they must work in environments protected from sand/dust particles and therefore the cabinet, and its coupling with the air conditioner, must have an adequate degree of protection.

Energy storage cabinets are predominantly outdoor, but sometimes cabinets containing batteries can be found in telecommunications shelters for emergency DC power supply in case of main power failure.

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