Various aspects of daily life and sectors of the economy have been radically altered by a highly expansive ‘digital phase’. Here is how conditioning contributes to the development of this phenomenon.



Communication and the exchange of information have always been part of human life, but in recent decades the amount of information exchanged has increased significantly. Technologies such as 5G, IoT and Edge Computing will allow us to manage huge amounts of data, speeding up processes and making them increasingly accurate and efficient, both in everyday life and in various sectors of the economy.

All indicators relating to connectivity and digitisation of supply chains are pointing to very significant growth, with double-digit numbers in the areas of 5G and Edge computing. These growth trends are supported by substantial investment in both the private and public sectors.

What needs to be conditioned in 5G Infrastructure and Edge Computing?

  • the electrical panels of machine tools and devices in general, which in a smart factory are often connected to each other
  • Servers for managing production or logistics data

Control cabinets not only require cooling of the internal components, for their correct and efficient operation, but also high reliability, efficiency, flexibility and connectivity, like all systems that are part of Industry 4.0 and edge computing.

Outside the company, it is necessary to condition systems for the data and energy distribution network:

  • Cabinets for Fibre Optics and 5G, for Smart Grids
  • Control Networks (e.g. Car Traffic)

To be part of all these networks, each A/C unit must be able to communicate, i.e. receive and send information using common remote communication protocols.

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