The energy transition towards environmentally sustainable systems will make hydrogen an absolute protagonist in the long-term energy landscape. Cosmotec is able to provide solutions for industrial cooling and conditioning, ideal for green hydrogen production.

The energy of the future


The European Union aims for decarbonization and reducing dependence on fossil fuels by 2050.
Green hydrogen thus becomes a key element in this energy transition.

The EU’s strategy foresees an increase in the share of green hydrogen in the energy mix, going from the current 2% to 13-14% by 2050. This will require the installation of 800 GW of electrolyzers primarily powered by renewable sources such as wind and photovoltaic energy.

Why did the EU choose hydrogen?

Its ability to be a potent energy carrier makes it an essential tool for storing energy from intermittent renewable sources, such as that produced by wind and solar parks.

In addition to being a zero-emission solution, hydrogen also has a very high energy density, superior to that of gasoline and lithium-ion batteries, making it an eco-friendly substitute for fossil fuels used in transportation and energy generation, as well as a crucial raw material in the chemical industry.



  • High energy density per unit of mass
    150 times higher compared to lithium-ion batteries
  • Long-term storage capability
    In various forms: gaseous, liquefied, and in solid carriers
  • Safety of storage systems
    Guaranteed by new technological solutions that allow usage at pressures of up to 1000 bar
  • Lower costs
    At the same amount of energy transported, hydrogen costs an order of magnitude less than electric lines
  • Short refueling times
    For fuel cell vehicles compared to the long recharging times required by battery-powered vehicles

Cosmotec: cutting-edge technologies for an even greener hydrogen

Chiller and Free Cooling for Electrolyzers cooling

Cosmotec industrial liquid chillers are an optimal solution for cooling the electrolyte cell of electrolyzers (PEM, alkaline, SOEC) and for the purification phase (Deoxo and Drying units).

They are designed to operate continuously and reliably 24/7 and comply with the highest energy efficiency standards defined by the European Ecodesign ErP regulation.

Cosmotec liquid chillers in freecooling version guarantee significant energy savings by exploiting, in the winter months, the low temperature outdoor air, without using energy-intensive components and can meet the most varied installation needs thanks to the many options and configurations available:


  • Wide range of cooling capacities
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Versions with integrated free cooling
  • Extended operating limits
  • Outdoor installation capability
  • Corrosion protection
  • High-efficiency EC Brushless axial fans
  • Inverter centrifugal pumps
  • Dynamic set point with standard ambient sensor
  • Bi-frequency versions 50/60 Hz
  • 60 Hz UL versions

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Outdoor free cooling air conditioning units for containers

In the event that the electrolyzer is installed inside a container, Cosmotec can provide four different types of precision conditioning systems that can be installed either inside or outside the container itself.

These units can be equipped with the Free Cooling option for maximum energy cost savings and can meet various installation requirements thanks to the numerous available options and configurations:


  • Wide range of cooling capacities
  • Up to 84% energy cost savings
  • Extended operating limits
  • Versions with inverter compressors
  • High-efficiency EC Brushless axial fans
  • Electric heating unit
  • Humidity sensor
  • Ethernet port

Air conditioning units for electrical cabinets

Cooling electrical cabinets or enclosures is essential in any application to ensure the proper functioning of the hydrogen production process, prevent production and/or distribution downtime.

The Cosmotec range provides protection against:

  • High temperatures and high humidity, leading to overheating and condensation
  • Ingress of dust and/or sand, corrosive agents, etc.

This prevents wear, degradation, and component failures, ensuring the reliability, safety, and efficiency of the electrolyzer.”

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