Precision ErP

Air-cooled industrial liquid chiller, ErP 2021 compliant, scroll compressors, R410A refrigerant, 50-160 kW




Fin-tube heat exchanger with copper tubes and corrugated aluminum fins installed with a longitudinal “V” geometry, with an angle specially designed and selected to maximize the efficiency of the air-refrigerant gas heat exchange. The technical solution with mini-tubes maximizes the surface area affected by the air, allowing compact dimensions and a reduction in the refrigerant charge.


Electrical panel

The electrical panel is designed according to EN60204-1 and includes: the main switch with door lock, numbered electrical cables, automatic switches, and standard phase monitor. The standard IP44 protection level allows external installation (IP54 option). The active ventilation system is standard and includes a heating resistor and ventilation grilles.


Sec.blue Control

Programmable microprocessor control. IP54 UV-resistant graphical display with menus in 6 languages: Italian, English, German, French, Russian, Spanish.



Robust structure designed and made to ensure total resistance to atmospheric agents and corrosion. Base, uprights, and panels in galvanized carbon steel, assembled with stainless steel/galvanized metal hardware and painted with RAL 7035 polyester powder with a brushed finish.


Refrigeration circuit

The refrigeration circuit is equipped with two hermetic scroll compressors installed in parallel and optimized for operation with the R410A refrigerant. These high-efficiency compressors are equipped with 2-pole motors complete with protection against overheating/overcurrent and an oil heating resistor. The standard electronic expansion valve EEV with sensors placed on the refrigeration circuit allows optimizing the operation of the refrigeration circuit under any thermal load condition, ensuring maximum efficiency at all times.


AC-EC Fans

Standard AC axial fans equipped with an asynchronous motor with IP54 external rotor protection and electronic speed control as standard. The blades are made of corrosion-resistant PP technopolymer and protected by a safety grille.
EC axial fans (standard for LASER and LT versions) with high efficiency, equipped with a brushless electronically commutated motor with integrated temperature control and continuous speed regulation from 10% to 100%.


Centrifugal Pumps

High-pressure horizontal multistage INOX centrifugal pumps, specifically head pressure designed for process cooling. Available head: P2 – 2barg P3 – 3barg; P5 – 4.5/5barg; double standby pump P3+P3. INOX P5 INVERTER pump with MGE motor equipped with permanent magnets and high-efficiency frequency converter.

The new range of WLA Precision ErP industrial liquid chillers has been designed to ensure the high standards of reliability required by 24/7 operational manufacturing processes, perfectly meeting the needs of applications that demand high-quality standards and reliability.

Thanks to meticulous design and dedicated technological solutions such as high-surface exchange evaporators and condensers, standard electronic expansion valve, and new high-efficiency axial fans, the WLA Precision ErP range is characterized by outstanding performance that surpasses minimum energy efficiency requirements imposed by the European ErP Ecodesign directive.


  • Refrigerating capacity from 50 to 160 kW
  • Energy Efficiency: Thermodynamic optimization and increased exchange surfaces enable WLAprecision units to comply with the limits required by the ErP2021 regulation – SEPR HT (EU) 2016/2281 – SEPR MT (EU) 2015/1095.
  • Extended Operating Limits: Maximum outdoor air temperature +45°C; minimum -10°C (-20°C in LT version); Maximum evaporator water outlet temperature up to +25°C; minimum 0°C (-10°C in the BRINE version).
  • Outdoor Installation: The electrical panel, designed in compliance with EN 60204 regulations and with an IP44 protection rating (optional IP54), allows for outdoor installation.
  • STANDARD Version – Non-ferrous: Includes a plate heat exchanger evaporator in AISI316, protected from freezing by a differential pressure switch and an antifreeze probe. The hydronic module is suitable for atmospheric hydraulic circuits and includes an AISI304 tank with a level sensor and hydraulic circuit composed of non-ferrous materials.
  • Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV): Optimizes the operation of the refrigeration circuit under any thermal load condition.
  • Automatic Hydraulic Bypass Valve: Protects the pump and hydraulic circuit as a pressure limitation device.
  • Phase Monitor: Provides protection against electrical phase loss and reversal.
  • High-Efficiency EC Brushless Axial Fans: Standard for LASER versions and for low-temperature LT ambient conditions.

Customized Solutions for Every Need

  • New PROCESS version for Pressurized Hydraulic Circuits: It includes a direct expansion single-circuit shell and tube evaporator with a carbon steel shell and copper tubes installed inside a carbon steel hydraulic tank. The construction features of this technical solution enable WLAprecision units to operate reliably in demanding industrial applications, even with process fluids containing impurities.
  • New LASER version with ±0.5K hysteresis (models 5A-7B): The LASERPACK control system integrates a hot gas bypass valve for refrigerating power regulation, brushless EC fans, and a microprocessor control with an advanced PI algorithm to ensure a standard hysteresis of ±0.5K under variable load conditions.

  • New LT version for low ambient temperature -20°C: Characterized by dedicated control software, brushless EC fans, and thermal insulation of the hydraulic circuit. BRINE centrifugal pumps feature an oversized motor suitable for high glycol concentrations.

  • New BRINE version for glycol water outlet temperatures up to -10°C: Includes thermal insulation of the hydraulic circuit and pumps with an oversized motor suitable for operation with high glycol concentrations.

  • Low GWP environmentally friendly version: Available upon request with environmentally friendly refrigerants (GWP < 750) compliant with F-Gas phasedown.
    – R454B HFO refrigerant based on hydro-olefin. Class A2L slightly flammable. ODP = 0 and a low GWP value of 467.
    – R32 HFC refrigerant. Class A2L slightly flammable. ODP = 0 and a low GWP value of 675.

New SEC.blue Electronic Controller

The programmable microprocessor control SEC.blue allows for the optimization of both refrigeration and hydronic circuits, facilitating easy integration of WLAprecision units with all Building Management Systems (BMS). The proprietary operating system is generally highly flexible and, upon request, can be expanded with numerous additional parameters and functions.

It includes:

  • UV-resistant IP54 graphical display with menus in 6 languages: Italian, English, German, French, Russian, Spanish;
  • 7″ TFT-LCD color touch screen display (optional);
  • Clean contact for general alarm;
  • Remote ON/OFF digital input;
  • 5 On-Off outputs (clean contacts) for alarms and pre-alarms adjustable via software;
  • Remote control: graphical display/touch screen (optional);
  • Sequencing function: allows connecting up to 10 chillers through a dedicated line, divided into 5 working zones, and managing their components as a single unit;
  • Emergency cooling function: in case of a chiller failure, the alternating activation of chillers ensures continuous operation;
  • Dynamic set-point function: adapts fluid temperature based on ambient temperature. It is also possible to modify the chiller set-point through an integrated 4-20mA analog input;
  • Integration with BMS supervision systems: SEC.blue includes as standard: Ethernet port, via RJ45 connector, for communication with HTTP, SNMP, ModBus TCP protocols, and remote software updates; RS485 port for communication via ModBus RTU protocol; Monitoring through integrated web page with email alarm functions;
  • LASER function: fine adjustment of the process temperature (±0.5K hysteresis);
  • Unloading function: keeps the chiller active even at high ambient temperatures;
  • Demand limit function: limits electrical absorption (requires ENERGY METER option).

Designed for process applications

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