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Helping you choose

Designing a refrigeration system for industrial applications requires specific skills, which we have decided to make more accessible thanks to XShark, an easy-to-use refrigeration system design software.

The specific characteristics of each project determine particular refrigeration needs and requirements: by entering the relevant data of your application, the XShark design software will process and present you with the most suitable proposals. We are of course available for specific advice or support in using this free tool!

Supported products

XShark includes the following Cosmotec ranges:

  • WPAmini Techno: air-cooled multi-scroll water chiller (80 to 150 kW)
  • WPA Techno: air-cooled multi-scroll water chiller (160 to 560 kW)
  • WSA Techno: air cooled screw compressor water chiller (from 370 to 1260 kW)
  • WSW Techno: water cooled screw compressor chiller (230 to 1550 kW)
  • RAW High density: water-cooled inrow chiller

    How to use XShark

    First you have to download the programme. Then just follow the instructions, in case you need it, there is a guide with all the information. For Windows 10 users: Be careful, an error window may appear when installing the software on Windows 10. To continue, press the “Cancel” button.

    You can also download the basic file for a customised temperature profile.

    Do you need help?

    We will be glad to help you setting the program or giving you more information. Just fill the form here and we will contact you soon!

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