WLA Compact – Small size and greater reliability

Scritto daEnrico Callegarin

Product Manager di Cosmotec per l'area Refrigerazione

11 June 2024

Small size and greater reliability: discover the advantages of WLAcompact process chillers

The WLAcompact liquid coolers are available in six models with power ratings from 1 to 5 kW and are used in numerous sectors due to their advantages of high efficiency, stability and environmental friendliness. With the continuous development and advancement of technology and the growing awareness of environmental protection, liquid chillers will play an even more significant role in the future in process cooling, medical and research laboratory sectors.


Thanks to the optimised component layout and advanced technical solutions used, WLAcompact guarantees:

  • Space-saving: compact design and small footprint, suitable for installation in confined spaces, against a wall or under a workbench.
  • Easy maintenance: the simple structure with fully removable side panels allows easy access to the components of the refrigeration and hydraulic circuits. The operating indicators of the hydraulic circuit (tank level and pump pressure gauge) are easy to read as they are positioned on the front panel and allow operators to intervene promptly in the event of malfunctioning.
  • Stability and reliability: high-quality components and production processes guarantee stable, long-term operation. The flow switch and standard automatic hydraulic bypass valve protect the pump and hydraulic circuit and guarantee system reliability.
  • Maintaining a high quality of the process fluid and no corrosion: the hydraulic circuit made from non-ferrous materials reduces the risk of corrosion and enables reduced maintenance and downtime costs.
  • Dynamic Set Point Function: The unit automatically adapts to various usage situations thanks to the dynamic set point function, adjusting the fluid temperature according to the ambient temperature.
  • Smart Laser function: he microprocessor manages the on/off cycles of the hot gas valve based on the output temperature offset, maintaining precise control of the process fluid temperature even under varying thermal load conditions, with a hysteresis of +/-1K or 0.5K.


The main applications of WLAcompact units are very diverse and extend to different industries:

  • Machine tools: for improving the precision and durability of instrumentation.
  • Food and beverage: to guarantee the safety and quality of the finished product
  • Plastic processing: moulding and extrusion.
  • Welding systems
  • Laser: where the purity of the cooling fluid is crucial to preserve the quality of the beam.
  • Printing: for better print quality
  • Medical: for maintaining the safety and precision of instrumentation.


For more information visit the page at the following link: WLA COMPACT