Quality System

Cosmotec strongly believes in the commitment to improve sustainability, energy performance and quality of its processes and products.
For this reason it has been working for some time now to be in line with the standards and directives put in place by the European Community, for example with the reduction global warming potential (GWP) in its units, with solutions that comply with the 2021 Directive.


This commitment is also reflected in the certifications obtained such as:

ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System), a guarantee of a business model based on sustainability and reduction of environmental impact of products and the entire production process, to provide customers with a service that meets current environmental standards. All activities that may
affect the environment are evaluated and controlled in accordance with current regulations.

ISO 50001 (Energy Management System), which aims to improve the energy performance of the company, such as the reduction of energy consumption and related costs; reduction of CO2 emissions and improvement of energy performance of the company.

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 50001