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Air Cooled Industrial Chiller


Air Cooled Industrial Liquid Chiller

Air cooled chillers designed for process cooling 24/7, 365 days a year, characterized by two refrigerant circuits with scroll compressors in tandem optimized for the use of R410A, plate evaporator and cooling capacity from 95 kW to 170 kW.

Cosmotec experience in process cooling has led to the development of this range of industrial chillers able to meet the wide operating limits (both ambient and user side) required by the new technologies used for energy saving.

All chillers in the WPAmini range feature high levels of energy efficiency (Class A or B) and compliance with the limits required by the 2009/125/EC Ecodesign ErP 2021 Directive.

The integrated Free Cooling version available for the WPAmini range allows strong energy saving especially in case of installations in areas with cold or temperate climates.

Even in the Low Noise version, ideal for installations near residential areas, our units maintain high performance and high energy savings, ensuring low noise.

The Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV) optimizes temperature and pressure of gas evaporation, increasing the efficiency at partial loads on the user side and helping to extend the operating range of the unit.

The Microchannel condensers are entirely made of aluminium and expressly designed to maximize the performance of the chiller, and allow the reduction the overall dimensions and the minimization of the refrigerant charge. For a better resistance to corrosion, the e-coating protective treatment is available (option).

Eco-friendly LOW GWP version

Upon request, WPAmini units are available with environmentally friendly R454B refrigerant fluid that provides a reduction in global warming potential (GWP = 467). Classified as A2L R454B is non-toxic but slightly flammable, in PED safety group 1.

Free Cooling for energy saving

WPAmini chillers are available in an integrated Free Cooling version, which allows strong energy saving, especially in applications that require high temperatures of the cooling fluid (plastic, data centers) and installation in areas with cold or temperate climates.
By exploiting the external air to cool the fluid, the Free Cooling system can even replace the cooling circuit entirely, allowing the deactivation of the compressors.
Depending on the climatic conditions, the WPAmini chiller will use the most suitable operating mode from:

  • Compressor Mode (DX): the heat load of the utility is met by the refrigerant circuit.
  • Mix Mode: reduces energy consumption by exchanging part of the thermal heat with the ambient air. This solution partializes the operation of the compressors, as they only have to produce the missing part of the cooling capacity.
  • Total Free Cooling: with low external air temperatures, the fluid is completely cooled by the ambient air. Energy consumption is minimized thanks to the operation of only the variable speed fans and the partializing valves.




  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 50001
  • UL Certificate
  • EAC Air Conditioner
  • Certificate F.GAS

Wide operating limits

Each application has different needs based on ambient temperature, fluid temperature, positioning, sound level, etc. Cosmotec is able to meet the most diverse needs, thanks to a wide range of options and the possibility to extend the operating limits of the WPAmini series chillers, if required. A few examples:

  • Very hot and dusty environment: the WPAmini chillers are equipped with metal air filters to protect the condensers from dust and dirt. Operation is up to +55 °C with Unloading function. 100% cooling capacity is guaranteed down to +45 °C. If the temperature rises, the Unloading function starts the compressors without shutting them down.
  • Very cold environment: the compressor compartment is closed and heating resistors are installed to protect the electrical cabinet, compressors, evaporator and the entire hydraulic circuit. Free Cooling reaches down to -40°C with specially selected components to guarantee long life to the whole chiller.
  • High temperature water applications (plastics): cooling circuit is specially designed to reach high discharge temperatures. The compressor has wide operating limits and high suction temperature.
  • Cold water applications (Food, Beverage, Biogas): the cooling circuit is designed to reach low discharge temperatures. The thickness of the thermal insulation is increased and the antifreeze system is standard to preserve the refrigerant and hydraulic circuits both in operation and stand-by mode.

Integrated hydronic unit (option)

The hydronic unit includes the main hydraulic components and is available in different configurations: with single or double centrifugal pump, high or low head, fixed speed or controlled by inverter and inertial storage.




Due to its characteristics, the use of WPAmini Techno is particularly suitable in the following applications:

Food Beverage

Food & Beverage


Icona settore Farmaceutico



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