Ventilation and energy efficiency

Scritto da Davide Perina

Product Manager di Cosmotec per l'area Thermal Management

30 September 2021

Striving for energy efficiency

Energy efficiency eliminates energy waste and generates savings that last. A rational use of energy and investments in energy-efficient technological solutions increases the profitability of activities and makes them more competitive, modern and efficient. Improving the energy efficiency of production processes contributes to reducing fixed production costs, increasing the market value of the product and reducing environmental impact.

Efficiency in Ventilation

Modern technologies require more accurate temperature control and energy-efficient operation. These two features are now both available in the highly efficient KryosROOF roof mounted fan.

“Roof” Efficiency

KryosROOF roof mounted fans regulate the air flow optimally for each operating condition and heat load. The fan is equipped with an EC fan and an active probe to read the temperature value inside the cabinet and adjust the fan speed. Drastic reductions in electricity consumption, up to more than 50%, can be achieved.

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