Industrial chiller
Air Cooled
165-560 kW
ErP2021 – R410A – R454B
Scroll compressor

Liquid chillers designed for cooling process applications 24/7, 365 days a year, air-cooled with two refrigeration circuits and scroll compressors installed in tandem/trio optimized for the use of R410A/R454B, plate/tube bundle evaporators, and cooling capacities from 165 kW to 560 kW. Cosmotec’s experience in process cooling has led to the development of this range of industrial chillers capable of meeting the broad operational limits (both on the environment and user sides) required by new technologies used for energy saving. All chillers in the WP range feature high levels of energy efficiency (Class A or B) and comply with the limits required by Directive 2009/125/EC Ecodesign ErP 2021.

LOW GWP version with low environmental impact

The WPA units are available with low environmental impact R454B refrigerant, which ensures a reduction in global warming potential (GWP = 467). Classified as A2L, R454B is non-toxic but slightly flammable, in PED 1 safety group.

Free Cooling

Free Cooling

WPA are available in an integrated Free Cooling version, which allows significant energy savings, especially in applications requiring high coolant temperatures (plastics, data centers) and installation in areas with cold or temperate climates (minimum temperature -20°C). By utilizing external air to cool the fluid, the Free Cooling system can completely replace the refrigeration circuit, thus allowing the compressors to be turned off..

    Wide operating limits

    Ampi limiti di funzionamento

    Each application has different needs based on ambient temperature, fluid temperature, positioning, sound level, etc. Cosmotec is able to meet the most diverse requirements, thanks to a wide range of options and the ability to extend the operating limits of the WPA series chillers if required.

    Very hot and dusty environment

    WPA chillers are equipped with metal air filters to protect the condensers from dust and dirt. Operation is up to +55 °C with Unloading function. 100% cooling capacity is guaranteed up to +45 °C. If the temperature rises, the Unloading function biases the compressors without switching them off.

    Very cold environment

    the compressor compartment is closed and heating resistors are installed to protect the electrical panel, compressors, evaporator and the entire hydraulic circuit. Free Cooling goes down to -40°C (special version) with specially selected components to ensure long life of the entire chiller.

    High temperature water applications (plastics)

    refrigerant circuit is specially designed to reach high discharge temperatures. The compressor has wide operating limits and a high suction temperature.

    Cold water applications (Food, Beverage, biogas)

    The refrigerant circuit is designed to reach low discharge temperatures. The thickness of the thermal insulation is increased and an antifreeze system is standard to preserve the refrigerant and hydraulic circuits in both operating and stand-by modes.

    Integrated hydronic unit (optional)

    The hydronic unit includes the main hydraulic components and is available in different configurations: with single or double centrifugal pump (WPA060 – WPA140), high or low head, fixed or inverter-controlled speed and inertial storage (WPA060 – WPA140).


    WPA Techno is particularly suitable for the following sectors

    Hydrogen / Renewable energy

    Food & Beverage
    Energy Storage
    Automotive / E-Mobility
    Oil & Gas

    Chemical / Pharmaceutical

    Plastic / packaging

    Compressed air treatment

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