Energy Storage

Scritto daDavide Perina

Product Manager di Cosmotec per l'area Thermal Management

29 September 2021

Energy Storage


The Customer

The company is a leading designer and manufacturer of electrical panels for outdoor applications. It provides solutions for various applications: energy, telecommunications, mobile radio, transport.

Project Requirements

The project requirements were:

  • cooling capacity of approx. 375W at 28°C indoors and 35°C outdoors (CVO05) and cooling capacity of approx. 600W at 25°C indoors and 35°C outdoors (CVO11)
  • set point of 25°C (CVO05) and of 23°C (CVO11)
  • low noise at temperatures below 30°C. As the cabinets are located close to residential areas, it was necessary to significantly reduce noise at night.
  • the lowest DeltaT (between suction and air delivery) possible, with the aim of achieving the greatest temperature uniformity inside the cabinet
  • minimum maintenance to minimise the number of interventions and at the same time ensure adequate protection against sand and dust in the air

The Solution

Main features of Protherm Outdoor CVO industrial air conditioner

  • Design: The unit was entirely designed by Cosmotec and tested in our climate chamber
  • Precision: compliance with the cooling capacity values required by the customer. The CVO05 air conditioner has a delta T° (difference between inlet and outlet temperature inside the cabinet) of about 6°C; the CVO11 about 4°C.
  • Low Noise: the air conditioner, at low temperatures, achieves very low noise values: <60dBa at temperatures below 30°C
  • Reliability: The air conditioners guarantee IP54 protection between the air conditioner and the electrical cabinet. In addition, they can work without a filter, thanks to the wide fin pitch of the condenser. The circuit board is located in the internal circuit of the air conditioner.

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