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Scritto da Davide Perina

Product Manager di Cosmotec per l'area Thermal Management

29 September 2021

Railway line cabinets air conditioning


The Customer

Cometi S.r.l. is a leading manufacturer of shelters and cabinets for housing high-tech equipment for telecommunications, oil & gas, photovoltaic and control systems.
The production range is divided into three main categories:
• active conditioning shelters
• passive conditioning shelters
• ventilated and active/passive air-conditioned cabinets

Project Requrements

The high-speed ‘Direttissima’ Rome-Florence railway line, connecting two of the most important cities in central Italy over a total length of 254 km, was the first high-speed line to be built in Europe.

This project is part of the operations necessary for the construction of electrical installations to power the radio base stations set up to integrate and renew the GSM-R network on the line.
The project required:

  • an air conditioner with 2000W cooling capacity, direct free cooling, 48Vdc emergency power supply and heater, plus the possibility of remote connection via Modbus RTU protocol.
  • separate ventilation by means of a ventilated fan and a filter fan, in order to guarantee the exchange/circulation of the internal air, which is necessary even when free cooling is disabled, due to the presence of batteries inside the shelter.

The Solution

Cosmotec supplied the customer with Predator air conditioners and Kryos³ filter fans.

Main features of  Predator air conditioners

  • Compactness: compact dimensions that make it suitable for installation in various types of cabinets.
  • Efficiency: high EER values at nominal conditions, which increase when using free cooling
    Condition L35L35 EER ≃~ 2
    Condition L15L35 EER ~ 10
  • Safety: part of the unit is powered by an emergency DC source. This ensures the circulation of the internal air even in the absence of the main power supply.
  • Energy Saving: thanks to free cooling, whenever the outside temperature is lower than the inside temperature (ΔT° 0 10°C) the shelter is cooled at no cost, as the compressor and condensate fan are switched off.
  • Connectivity: Using the Modbus RTU protocol, it is possible to modify certain parameters and monitor the correct operation of the air conditioner.

Main features of Kryos³ filter fans

  • Safety: Kryos³ filter fans provide protection against dust and splash water, with IP54 protection rating
  • Strength: Kryos filter fans are made of ABS Blende with additives that provide UV resistance, thus prolonging product life.
  • Quick Maintenance: cleaning and replacing the filter is particularly easy and quick, thanks to the possibility of access through the opening in the front.


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