Green is Cool

Together to make cooling greener, one step at a time

Green is Cool


Making cooling greener, one step at time


At Cosmotec we strongly believe that it is our duty to help reduce the impact that air conditioning and refrigeration have on the environment.

To achieve this goal, we study the most ecological solutions, focusing on free cooling and energy efficiency, introducing low-GWP refrigerants, and adopting procedures that make all our actions greener.

Here are some of the steps we have taken:

Paperless Documentation

In order to reduce the amount of paperwork sent with our machines (excluding wall and roof mounted filter fans), our units are accompanied by the instructions for safe use and CE declaration, while the rest of the documentation will be available on Adam, our free App (for more information see this link).

Here, once the unit has been registered, all the technical documents will be available for consultation whenever necessary and can be shared directly from your smartphone or tablet, thus avoiding the need to store paper material, which is more easily damaged and lost.

Gas R513a

To prevent climate change, many countries have expressed their intention to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by introducing specific decrees and regulations, such as Regulation 517/2014, which imposes a phase-down of HFCs, which play a significant role in increasing the greenhouse effect.

Following evaluations of alternatives to the old gases, Cosmotec decided to use R513a gas for its units. R513a is a highly energy-efficient, non-flammable (class A1) and non-toxic HFO with a GWP (Global Warming Potential) significantly lower than HFCs.

R134a GWP = 1430
R513a GWP = 631

Free Cooling

Cosmotec is committed to making Free Cooling available for a variety of applications by integrating it into its units and thus making a green mode of cooling available to its customers.

By exploiting the temperature differential, Free Cooling allows you to use external air to cool your systems, reducing or even eliminating, in certain areas, the use of mechanical refrigeration. The impact on consumption and therefore on the environment is particularly incisive and for this reason Cosmotec has decided to develop a special Free Cooling module that can also be installed in existing systems to extend the benefits.