The next-generation process cooling management software that monitors, schedules and manages the entire plant: a centralized software solution for maximum operational reliability and energy efficiency.

Cruscotto PLANT.OPT

What is PLANT.OPT?

PLANT.OPT is the dedicated and specialized control solution to manage process cooling, where chilled water is required throughout the year, able to efficiently control the plant components (multiple chillers, hydraulic circuits with pumps, valves, Free Cooling module, even of different manufacturers, even if already installed on site) on a centralized system.

By optimizing the operation and maintenance of these systems, we can capture the true potential for energy saving and manage it over time.

System efficiency

Selection of excellent components and careful plant design are essential but not sufficient to have an efficient system, which can instead be easily achieved thanks to a dedicated control algorithm, such as that of PLANT.OPT, specifically designed to select the best combination of components to work under certain operating conditions.

PLANT.OPT guarantees:

  • Optimal system efficiency during its lifetime
  • Quick diagnosis and identification of malfunctions or defective equipment in the system
  • Maximum system efficiency under different operating conditions

Performance feed-back operating logic

At the heart of PLANT.OPT is the “performance feedback loop“: a continuous loop control algorithm that instantly detects changes in the system and modifies its actions accordingly.

  • MEASURE = measurement of key parameters and calculation of system efficiency
  • VERIFY = Verification of the efficiency of the key components of the system with respect to the desired design conditions.
  • DIAGNOSE = Analysis of data from all sensors. The diagnostic system detects possible faults or poor performance at an early stage.
  • ADJUST = Sophisticated control algorithms that allow the system to operate at maximum efficiency under all conditions, managing the components in a harmonious manner

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