Product Certifications

In a globalised and competitive market, it is crucial to provide the right certification for each country where the product is exported.For example, having the CE mark is not sufficient for export in USA, Canada and the Eurasian countries.

To this end, Cosmotec products have specific certifications which guarantee high safety and quality standards, adding brand value and reducing type-approval and installation costs along with the time required to enter the market.


European Market - CE

Compliance with all European directives. The main purpose is to remove trade barriers between Member States of the European Union.

Compliance UL

North American Market - UL Recognised

Certification which attest compliance with the relating regulation for the components which are part of a product or a system. Applicable for Canadian and American standards.


North American Market - UL Listed FTTA

This certification allows the products installation without any further conformity assessment about the Type 12 protection degree.


North American Market - CSA

Canadian counterpart of the American UL institute. Acts as the certification authority for what concern the conformity of the safety components to the Canadian regulations.


Eurasian Market - EAC

EurAsien Community, valid for imports in Eurasian Economic Community (EURASEC :Russia, Belarus, Kazakistan, Armenia and Kirghizistan). The products carrying the EAC mark has successfully passed all the conformity checking procedure in one of the member states of EURASEC.

Company certifications and directives

Cosmotec undertakes to achieve the required certifications and to respond to the directives issued by the Competent Authorities, so as to demonstrate the adequacy to the quality and safety standards.



Directive 1005 2009EC Regulation “Substances that deplete the ozone layer”
RoHS Statement of ComplianceCE legislation “Restriction of hazardous substances”
REACH StatementCE regulation  concerning the “Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals”


ISO 9001International standard for certification of quality management systems
ISO 14001The international reference standard for the certification of environmental management systems
ISO 50001 The international reference standard for the certification of energy management systems
F.GasLegislation to settle and regulate the use of greenhouse fluorinated gases
UL CertificateCompliance with North American safety regulations
LavoroSicuroProtocol to facilitate the promotion, the implementation and the training of SGSL
Politica del Sistema di Gestione Integrato


ErP Regulation

SEPR seasonal performance for high temperature process chillers Regulation (EU) 2016/2281, Directive 2009/125/EC


WRA – Technical dossier