Laser cooling systems

When and why to use industrial chillers for the laser industry


Industrial Lasers

The accuracy and reliability of high power industrial lasers is strictly influenced by the control of the operating temperatures of the resonator (laser source) and the optics (lenses) used to focus the laser beam. WRA LASER process chillers have been specifically designed for cooling laser systems and allow three important objectives to be achieved: maintaining a precise wavelength, good focusing of the laser beam and reducing thermal stress on components.

Laser overheating problems

Modern laser machines are subject to large power fluctuations related to the variability of processing cycles, so due to the lack of proper cooling the thermal loads induced by the resonator power electronics can cause a number of undesirable effects:

  • Reduced machining accuracy due to beam focusing problems caused by overheating of the active medium
  • Power fluctuations and pointing instability
  • Reduced life cycle of the laser unit due to rapid aging caused by overheating of key system components
  • Lower overall optical conversion efficiency due to increased wavelength of the beam a causa dall’aumento della lunghezza d’onda del fascio

      WRA LASER liquid chillers: precision and reliability

      The WRA LASER process chillers have been designed and developed to meet the specific cooling requirements of industrial laser systems. All WRA LASER units are equipped with a LASERPACK ±0.5K regulation system, which features a hot gas bypass valve to regulate the cooling capacity and a microprocessor control with advanced PI algorithm to guarantee a standard hysteresis of ±0.5K under variable load conditions.

      • 2 independent temperature levels

        The dual cooling circuit version is equipped with a three-way modulating valve and a second pump dedicated to the optics hydraulic circuit. This option allows independent control of the operating temperature of the source and of the optics and helps to maintain the alignment of the laser beam in front of the workpiece during machining

      • LASERPACK ±0.1K Ultra-high accuracy version

        This configuration includes high-precision temperature probes and a specific controller parameterization, which allows the deviation from the target temperature to be limited to a hysteresis of ±0.1K (with stable load)

      • Corrosion protection
        The standard non-ferrous (stainless steel/polymer) hydraulic circuit and pump are corrosion-free, preserving the purity of the process fluid and protecting the laser source and optics from contamination problems.

      • Maximum reliability

        All models are individually factory tested and functionally tested. The use of leading brand components ensures long-term reliability and minimizing downtime.

      What Cosmotec products offer?

      Cosmotec WRA LASER liquid chillers are an optimal solution for cooling laser machines, they are designed to operate continuously and reliably and comply with the highest energy efficiency standards defined by the Ecodesign ErP 2021 regulation.

      Cosmotec liquid chillers allow you to meet a wide range of application needs as they offer numerous options and configurations.

      • Energy Efficiency: all liquid chillers comply with the limits required by ErP2021 – SEPR HT (EU) 2016/2281 – SEPR MT (EU) 2015/1095.
      • Installable outdoors: the electrical panel manufactured in compliance with EN 60204 and with IP54 protection degree allows the outdoor installation of all the units.
      • Corrosion protection: the HDPE plastic tank, the hydraulic circuit and the non-ferrous (stainless steel/polymer) pump are corrosion-free and preserve the purity of the process fluid.
      • LASERPACK configurations with ±0.5K and ±0.1K accuracy levels
      • Dual cooling circuit: independent control of source and optics operating temperatures
      • AISI316 high efficiency plate evaporators
      • Condensers with aluminium fins and copper mini-tubes (-20% refrigerant gas)
      • Electronic Expansion Valve
      • High efficiency Brushless EC axial fans
      • Inverter centrifugal pumps
      • Standard automatic hydraulic bypass valve
      • Dynamic set point with standard room probe
      • Compatibility with ethylene glycol (EGW) or propylene glycol (PGW) solutions, which offer corrosion and frost protection.
      • Deionized water (DI) compatibility: DI cartridge filter to maintain system required resistivity available upon request
      • Dual-frequency versions 50/60 Hz
      • 60 Hz UL versions

      Application Fields

      • Lasers: CO 2, disk, diode, fiber, YAG
      • Cut
      • Welding
      • Engraving
      • Drilling
      • Coating (surface application of material)
      • Marking
      • Additive manufacturing processes such as 3D printing

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