Air Conditioning for e-mobility

Industrial air conditioning for e-mobility: a new era in road mobility


Developing e-mobility

The consumption of fossil fuels (diesel, petrol, LPG, methane) is one of the main factors in pollution in urban areas. This is why the automotive industry and energy suppliers are now oriented towards e-mobility, which, after passing through an initial experimental phase, is now a solid reality.

Key Factors

The key factors for the development of e-mobility are:

  • integration with smart grids: a set of networks and technologies that enable the management and monitoring of the distribution of electricity from different sources.
  • use of energy produced from renewable sources, especially wind and solar power

This system requires an increasing number of devices in the energy stations. The increased density of electronic control components exacerbates the conditions from a thermal point of view.
Continuity of service is a must, which is why it is necessary to protect components from environmental pollution and high temperatures. Cosmotec units provide cooling solutions for the various devices in the charging infrastructure and the entire smart grid system.

Industrial air conditioning for e-mobility: what needs to be conditioned?

  • Transformer cabinets
  • Cabinet for inverter
  • Storage batteries
  • Wind turbines
  • Recharge posts

Choose the right product for your needs!

condizionamento-industriale-per-e-mobility Protherm

Protherm Outdoor

For the conditioning of cooling cabinets containing transformers and/or inverters.

condiziatore per cabinet outdoor Predator


For the conditioning of energy storage cabinets

condizionamento-industriale-per-e-mobility Slim In


For conditioning of electrical cabinets for wind turbines

griglie di ventilazione Kryos³


For cooling high-powered fast-charging columns.

condizionamento-industriale-per-e-mobility TOP II


For mounting on the roof of the electrical cabinet

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